Bread & Other Baked Delights


Yeasty Apple Pulp Teff Bread
Skillet Cornbread
Peanut Butter Poppy Sandwich Bread
Brown Irish Soda Bread
Goat milk Cornbread
No-Knead Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Flatbread
Sourdough Buckwheat Bread
Spiced Pumpkin Cornbread
Whole Grain Beer Bread
Sweet Cinnamon Raisin Focaccia Bread


Sunday Morning Bisckies
Yerba Mate Chai Drop Scones
Overnight Yeasted Waffles
Grain-Free Buttermilk Pancakes
Basic Breakfast Bake
Spiced Buckwheat Zucchini Breakfast Bake with Cocoa Nibs
Spiced Apple Buckwheat Bake
Strawberry Dream Breakfast Bake
Lemon Poppy Bake with Sweet Poppy Cream Cheese Spread
Pumpkin Pudding Bake
Gingerbread Bake with a Touch of Currant
Blueberry Oat Bagels
Vegan Oatmeal Bars
Vegan Carrot Tahini Oatmeal Bars
Nut-free Carrot Mesquite Oatmeal Bars
Carrot Cake Waffles
Crespelle with Radicchio and Gorgonzola Piccante 

Quick Bread / Muffins

I-Can't-Believe-It's-Avocado and Carrot Quick Bread / Muffins 
Savory Rice Muffins
Sweet Green Spiced Muffins
Bangin' Banana Bread
Late Night Chocolate Muffins
Apple Spice Muffins
Lemon Poppy Quick Bread / Muffins

Savory Eats

Grain-Free Savory Crepes
Draft Cider, Saffron, & Chive Gourgères
Prosciutto & Basil Crustless Quiche
Stew Beef Enchiladas
Pizza Blanca
Everything Peace Pretzels
Individual Buttermilk Spoon Breads
Spinach - Prosciutto Ricotta Quiche
Little Bitty Popover Bites
Herbed Quail Egg Custard Cups
Grain-free Sourdough Veggie Pizza
Swiss & Fig Grits Cake Squares
Grain-free Pâte à foncer
Savory Onion Tart Squares with Pâte à foncer crust
Cornbread Stuffing
Pepperoni Pizza Souffle
Crespelle with Radicchio and Gorgonzola Piccante 
Thin Pizza Crust


Pesto Socca
Peppered Socca
Coconut Socca
Mexican Mesquite Socca
Socca Pizza
Socca Tuna Melt
Socca GLT
Pumpkin Socca
Socca Tiramisu
Fat Tuesday Socca