“Delicious. Nutritious. Gluten free.”

It’s the Meals with Morri motto for a reason.

This blog is solely committed to showing that being gluten free is, in fact, not only a freeing and enlightening experience, it is also a creative way to live a more healthful life with a lifestyle that nourishes you. You are guaranteed at first bite that every recipe on this site is gluten, soy, and cane sugar free, with various substitution options (dairy-free, grain-free, vegetarian, and vegan) for many of them offered. Above all, I strive to follow this philosophy with each post:

Food is science. Food is magic. Food is art. Food is love.

I record the successes as well as the frustrations, and acknowledge flops for what they are... learning experiences towards a better recipe. Every meal is special. Every dish provides a lesson. It’s the Spirit, the very heart behind the creation of a dish that I aim to bring to people on a plate.

And it just happens to be delicious, nutritious, and gluten free.

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