I love to hear from people, and I've slowly but surely started utilizing social media for Meals with Morri. Here are the various ways the you can keep in touch and updated with the latest posts and recipes:

Meals with Morri's Facebook Page
: Along with posting my recipes there, I also directly ask and am asked by readers recipe questions.

Meals with Morri's Twitter: My newest way of putting myself out there, and I mostly use it for quips on food security, politics, and humor. 

Meals with Morri's Pinterest: Along with posting my recipes, I also have boards for other amazing gluten free bloggers and food inspiration, as well as DIY projects and gardening.

Meals with Morri's "The Foodie Activist" YouTube channel: Still new at this, I thought it would be fun to post videos, both funny and serious, on a wide variety of topics. These include how-to's, product reviews, personal reflections, and potentially talking about food politics. It's very weird to be in front of the camera for once, but hey! Practice makes perfect, right?

Email: This is the best outlet for getting in contact with me regarding book/product reviews. Aside from directly commenting on posts, I am the most personal. I love getting emails from readers, other bloggers, and those interested in networking and connecting product-wise. It's also the best way for me to know if you are having issues viewing my site or subscribing.

RSS: Never miss a post! Directly linked in your browser, you can subscribe as a Meals with Morri reader.

As always, thank you for visiting Meals with Morri. I hope to hear from you soon!

Other Projects:
One Day Closer, a comic about LDRs: Another place you can find me is at my webcomic, One Day Closer (ODC), a mostly authobiographical comic about being in a long distance relationship (LDR). Although typically revolves around CK's and my relationship, it also incorporates LD friends, family, and cats.