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Being healthy isn’t about being perfect. It isn’t simply about the number that stares back at you from the scale, the amount of fat on your body, how you look, or the labeling of food as good and bad. Health isn’t black and white. It isn’t just one equation, where you add two aspects of living and BAM!, you’re healthy.

Everyone is different. Yes, to be over- and undernourished will affect you in more ways than you could imagine. Excessive drinking or smoking will do the same, as will the fanaticism of embodying the perfection of what health is supposed to be rather than what it is.

To be healthy, in short, is different and unique to every individual.

For me to be healthy, I eat foods that do not have gluten, soy, cane sugar, artificial flavors or sweeteners. I drink coffee and the occasional gluten free beer or glass of wine. I do not smoke. I exercise multiple times a week. I am spiritual. I am a spectrum.

For me to be healthy, I have to take Armour Thyroid for my hypothyroid condition, perhaps for the rest of my life although I hope that isn’t the case. I have to take Vitamin D to avoid bone loss. I talk to people to help me process stress and anxiety.

And sometimes, to be healthy it means I make time for myself and stay in my pajamas while watching cartoons and eating waffles.

But even when you are at the peak of your health, you relapse. You backtrack. You improve. You experience triggers and old trauma. Hopefully we remember that living is a journey, a messy one at that, and health is similar. We all see improvement as well as plateaus. We all experience anger and sadness when we discover a limit. We all experience joy when we overcome a supposed one.

I believe health is more than an internal experience. You can observe your health when you look externally. Internally, health can be defined mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and spiritually. Externally, your health can be defined environmentally, politically, and collectively.

One of the most important aspects of health that we forget is support and resources in getting that support.

Below are multiple lists of links for working toward a healthy lifestyle is right for you. It will be updated and revised constantly, and do not hesitate to add yours below as a comment or to contact me directly.

Mental Health Resources and Support

National Eating Disorders Association
Mental Health America


Rock climbing

Gluten Free Resources and Support 

Gluten Free Living
Celiac Disease Foundation

Healthy Home and Garden

Urban Farm Online


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