About Me Page

My name is Morri. I am a foodie, an activist, an artist, a do-it-yourselfer, and a lover of life and laughter. I have a BA and MS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and my focus in this discipline is in food security, agriculture, sustainability, and environmental issues.

After spending the majority of life with mysterious ailments, hormone imbalance, and constantly home sick with something, I decided to change my life around after high school, and one of those changes was going gluten free in 2008. It was a slow but steady progression to eating cleaner, more homemade goodies.

 The website itself was just a dream. I spent a little over six months in 2010 trying to think of how I wanted to reach out to those who strived to empower themselves regarding their health and knowledge on food. I knew I wanted to make a blog. I knew I wanted it to be gluten free. Throughout that time I studied and drooled over delicious gluten free blogs and brainstormed what I could call my potential site. When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I created Meals with Morri on April 9th, 2011 with "The Pancake Post" as my first published recipe.

Meals with Morri was inspired by previous events in my life: Wednesdays with Morri, where I invited friends over on Wednesdays the summer before I left for Sweden in 2010; and Travels with Morri, my first attempt at consistently documenting anything online. They are all loosely based on the title of one of my favorite books: Mitch Albom’s (1997) Tuesdays with Morrie.
The site has changed as I have, and I personally believed it helped refine my palate, becoming more adventurous as a person, increasingly aware of politics surrounding food, and it led me to the focus of agriculture, farmer’s rights, and sustainable living for my conflict resolution career. In the beginning, I wanted to have a gluten free healthful restaurant that embodied my beliefs of local small farmer support, and creating a place for the community to come together to live, laugh, and eat. And now...

My dream just became a little bit bigger.