Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Week of Goals and the Ultimate Socca Indulgence

To start off the new week in an awesome manner, I have listed a few goals I want to work on to further my positive growth:

  • Match my eating habits to my fitness regimen (No. 1 priority)
  •  To get plenty of rest, i.e., 8 continuous hours of sleep (No. 2 priority)
  •  Continue running (3x) and rock climbing (3x)
  • Don’t take things too seriously and be flexible
  • Keep up with my something-nothing philosophy
  • To not spread myself too thinly
  • Be there for myself, to be loving and not judgmental or critical
  • Work on my resume and seriously look into jobs

As I don’t really have much of a story, I figured I’d post about my weekend in the form of photos...

... and a recipe. I was inspired by the Pure2Raw twins Lori and Michelle's vegan Tiramisu Pancakes, and I instantly thought of socca. They love socca. I love socca. And this recipe was the next logical step forward to combining two great ideas.

Socca Tiramisu

120 g Garbanzo bean flour
60 ml Coconut milk
60 ml strong coffee, chilled or room temperature preferred
120 ml Almond milk
10 ml Unrefined apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp. Sea salt
1/2 tsp. Baking soda
1/2 tsp. Coconut oil
Stevia, to taste

Click here to see how I usually prepare socca. This ranges from two to four servings, but I halved the recipe to make one large “pancake” with a cast iron griddle pan.

After it is cool enough to handle, slice the socca into quarters and stack the triangles on top of each other.
Smear the top with an extra helping of refrigerated coconut milk, which has the consistency of a soft whipped cream (though I think it would be absolutely fabulous to have between every single layer).
Garnish with cocoa nibs and a drizzle of maple syrup as garnishes.

Makes 2 sweet indulgences. Serves 2 – 4.


  1. wow!!!!!!! that looks incredible! so glad you had fun and enjoyed this version of our recipe and made it your own. love it! wish we had a plate full of that right now ;) YUM

    1. Thank you, Ladies. You two have been very inspirational my first year of blogging. From running to socca, the good side of health and beyond, I leave your site more motivated than before. <3