Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Goodbye Post

Five years.

That's how long Meals with Morri has been "active", with a few hiatuses in between. It has recorded the process of my healing, from disordered eating to an underactive thyroid finally catching up. It has shown what five years looks on a growing and changing soul. It has seen the ending of my first ever serious relationship, and the beginning of a relationship that continues to this day. That relationship has resulted in the journey of changing my name, and preparing for the hurtles of finally closing the distance once and for all. Oh, and being married. ;)

This blog has recorded my reactions to change, the good and the hard. It has shown me the beauty of working with your weaknesses, and in doing so, giving yourself the slack you deserve for not being perfect. I've lost friendships, both from the realities of growing apart... and mortality.

Five years I wrote about being a Gluten Free Blogger. I wrote about my career focus shifting to food security. I wrote about my travels. I jotted down recipes, some that I've gone back to, but most of them shared because, hey, the Internet is about sharing information. 

I changed my body on multiple levels, working out obsessively, and then calming down. Rock climbing has become my physical activity of choice, but I don't concern myself with being the best. I finished school, worked Pro-bono, and got my first Big Kid Job. My view of the world broadened. My acceptance of crap did not.

Over the last year I considered how Meals with Morri could evolve, and quite honestly, nothing was fitting. Nothing felt right. I think it's time I hang up the Gluten Free Blogger identity and move on to other things that excited me. 

I am extremely grateful for what this journey has shown me. I've met so many influential people in the sustainability movement, and my relationship with food has developed beautifully. Five years of traveling, cooking, and eating. And for those who have been part of the this journey with me, thank you... for everything.

With love,