Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A New Year for Meals with Morri: Catching Up and Moving Forward

A New Year. I can hardly begin to describe how weird it is to be back in the States. The last months in Malta were quiet ones, and although despite learning how difficult it is to live on your own an ocean away took up the majority of my cognitive ability, I feel better for having had the experience.

December 2013: When it all started
April 2014: One of my multiple visits to Rome, Italy to visit CK.
May 2014: Getting the hang of the whole intern thing

With turning twenty-five, I came to love myself. I learned to not only honor my body, but pride in its capability of making life one hell of a ride. I also learned what I was capable of, meeting a group of amazingly compassionate people (they know who they are) during my stay, and am looking forward to see what a Master's in CAR and a year abroad in Malta will take me.

November 2014: Birthday cake (recipe coming soon!)
December 2014: Christmas party and a prank payback

And coming back to the States, I was embraced by family, met online friends in person, and became even closer to a group of friends CK and I are part of and lovingly call the Wingmates.

December 2014: At the Toledo Zoo with CK and our dear friend, AS

At the end of 2014, CK and I shared our second anniversary.

But I also learned very hard lessons of being an adult: it isn’t about making money; it’s about making meaning. I had to learn to live with myself, to self-soothe the growing anxiety and panic of what was going to happen after I graduated, after I left Malta, after my three months in Italy come February. I learned to stick up for myself and bring my passions forward. I learned that being an adult is not seeing the world as black and white, good and bad, gluten free and death by gluten. I learned that being an adult is making change where there is injustice, and dreaming things real.

So here I am, having almost been three months silent, with a book review to make happen (this week, I swear!) and a few recipes behind. Each year I keep making the promise that I’ll be more productive on here, and every time I wish I had the time and the energy to produce the number of posts as I had done back in 2011. But graduate school and living in Malta were more important, because I could see tangible results in my work and they were crucial to my development and future. And sure, I have had wonderful opportunities to do reviews in the past, but it feels like I’m not as connected to readers as I would like, nor do I have a focus beyond hoping people will try my recipes and let me know how it worked out. There are plenty of people blogging about healthy living already, and so the struggle of keeping things new and original can be hard sometimes.

But being me has been interesting thus far, and when I am able, I will tell you all about my plans for 2015. So for now I'm just going to wing it. I'll post when I have stories and recipes to share. But in the meantime, enjoy photos taken of me rock climbing with my good friends SC and KJ.

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