Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Romeward Bound

It’s strange for me to say that I’ve traveled to Rome three times in eight months. I guess it has to do with living in the states. At least for me, traveling between states is so common that I forget each state is much like its own country, and each of those states have different cultures, lifestyles, and languages.

My trip to Rome in May while CK's Mama Bear and Stepdad visited.
Yesterday morning. While waiting for the plane, I fiddled around with my camera.

Traveling between Rome and Malta is a bit like that; only it requires a passport, a trip over the Mediterranean, and having to carry your luggage from the train or bus to your apartment. CK moved to another apartment in the city, so it’s a whole new feel. New apartment. New supermarket. New surroundings. And getting up at 4:30 in the morning for an early flight meant doing the bare minimum once we arrived, napping until dinner, sleeping in and unpacking today.

First Breakfast: Cream cheese pancakes with pan-fried apples. From this recipe, although I want to tweak it a bit.
Kitchen's unpacked. Now, it's organizing, laundry, and putting things away.
The previous tenant left this beauty in the apartment. When alcohol comes with a home, you know it's a keeper.
The small bookcase now pantry.

It has been glorious spending this time together, and we have four weeks without work obligation for either of us until he’s back at school and I’m back in Malta. There are parts of Italy outside of Rome we are looking forward to this month, as well as spending time at home relaxing, cooking, and doing our own thing. We’re going to spend this week getting him moved in and settled, possibly going to Eataly (this time with a camera to prove it’s like Ikea, only solely food-oriented) and other stores to fill in the gaps of his kitchen and gadgetry. But for now, we’re content to have arrived.  

I never expected Rome to become so special to me. It’s a beautiful place, bustling and alive, and it’s only a small fraction of Italy. Italy is a glorious country to explore, and I look forward to letting my wanderlust lead the way.

Note: Never buy an espresso near touristy areas unless you are willing to buy one for 4.

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