Monday, June 25, 2012

Semi-Wordless Weekend: National Harbor & Chicken on the Grill

On Saturday, Daddy-O treated me to an afternoon at the National Harbor. It was a cross between a belated Father’s Day and celebrating my graduating from Mason. Whatever it was, it was a beautiful day on the water.

We walked around some and decided to have some lunch. The restaurant I chose on a dime wasn’t what I was looking for, so we went to Rosa Mexicano (the one he originally planned taking me to).

This was one of those moments where “Father knows best” definitely applies.

Rosa Mexicano was a delicious choice. For one thing, they make their guacamole right at your table. For another, they have a delicious gluten free menu. And our waiter was amazing; he worked with the chef and me to pick out an entrée that was also soy and refined sugar free.

Everything was good. It is definitely a restaurant that I not only recommend, but plan on going back for more. We walked off our meal for a while, stopping in a few stores and looking at the large limbs of the buried man sculpture. He even was kind enough to by me a new bento box for my lunches at camp (more on that later).

By Sunday, all the energy I had left went into food shopping for the week and grilling chicken. 

I still don’t know why it took us this long to buy a grill, but our weekly Grill Day is one amazing new tradition I look forward to every Sunday.

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