Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fitness Week 4: Timberline Ski Resort


Notes: Packed for trip, and made it to Timberline Ski Resort.


Notes: Rain. No skiing today. Spent the day reading Sherlock Holmes mysteries.


1 hour hike to the Blackwater Falls.
2 hours of skiing. 

Notes: My first time skiing ever. I fell five times, but I was able to do the Salamander and the Easy Does It green slopes (i.e., the easiest trails). Here is the .pdf file to view the slopes.


2 hours of skiing... then, as I was getting on the lift for our last ride down for the day, my left ski got caught on the pillar. My ankle and knee were twisted in a very painful fashion. I thought I'd be able to go down the slope, but once I was off it was apparent that I'd better be safe than sorry. At least I can say I went down a black diamond, though I am not sure which. I was cocooned in a first-aid sled at the time, but it was so cool! I was told it was either a sprain or a strain, but I didn't hear a pop! and nothing was broken, thank goodness.

Notes: No skiing, a knee brace, and no hot tub for 72 hours? Lame...


Notes: Called Mama Dazz to tell her of my skiing adventure, and set up an appointment with my chiropractor/sports doctor, Dr. Jacobs. Cabin fever set in, but it was relieved by going into town with the boyfriend. We went to Shop n' Save to get provisions (sour cream, tea, and toilet paper to name a few) and then to HypnoCoffee. He had an espresso, which he wholeheartedly enjoyed, as did I my Americano with steamed whole milk. 


Rest Day, i.e. Blog Day. 

Notes: Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! I have so far enjoyed the rainy day by finishing up Sherlock Holmes, eating an oatmeal bake, and playing various card games. I can walk on my left leg a little, and it doesn't hurt as much. 


Rest day due to limping.

Notes: Drove back to Virginia, and made it back in time for New Years dinner.

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